sigpy.mri.rf.slr.dz_hadamard_b(n=128, g=5, gind=1, tb=4, d1=0.01, d2=0.01, shift=32)[source]

Design a pulse with hadamard encoding

  • n (int) – number of time points.
  • g (int) – order of the Hadamard matrix.
  • gind (int) – index of vector to use from Hadamard matrix for encoding.
  • tb (int) – time bandwidth product.
  • d1 (float) – passband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • d2 (float) – stopband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • shift (int) – n time points shift of pulse.

SLR beta parameter.

Return type:

b (array)


Souza, S.P., Szumowski, J., Dumoulin, C.L., Plewes, D.P. & Glover, G. ‘Sima: Simultaneous multislice acquisition of MR images by hadamard - encoded excitation. J.Comput.Assist.Tomogr. 12, 1026–1030(1988).