MRI Functions (sigpy.mri)

The module contains functions and classes for MRI reconstruction.

It provides convenient simulation and sampling functions, such as the poisson-disc sampling function. It also provides functions to compute preconditioners, and density compensation factors.

Preconditioner Functions

MRI preconditioners.

sigpy.mri.kspace_precond Compute a diagonal preconditioner in k-space.
sigpy.mri.circulant_precond Compute circulant preconditioner.

Sampling Functions

MRI sampling functions.

sigpy.mri.poisson Generate variable-density Poisson-disc sampling pattern.
sigpy.mri.radial Generate radial trajectory.
sigpy.mri.spiral Generate variable density spiral trajectory.

Simulation Functions

MRI simulation functions.

sigpy.mri.birdcage_maps Simulates birdcage coil sensitivies.

Utility Functions

MRI utilities.

sigpy.mri.get_cov Get covariance matrix from noise measurements.
sigpy.mri.whiten Whitens k-space measurements.