sigpy.mri.rf.slr.dz_gslider_rf(n=256, g=5, flip=1.5707963267948966, phi=3.141592653589793, tb=12, d1=0.01, d2=0.01, cancel_alpha_phs=True)[source]

Design a g-slider pulse rf

  • n (int) – number of time points.
  • g (int) – number of sub-slices.
  • flip (float) – flip angle.
  • phi (float) – subslice phase.
  • tb (int) – time bandwidth product.
  • d1 (float) – passband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • d2 (float) – stopband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • cancel_alpha_phs (bool) – absorb the alpha phase profile from beta’s profile, so they cancel for a flatter total phase

rf pulse out.

Return type:

rf (array)


Setsompop, K. et al. ‘High-resolution in vivo diffusion imaging of the human brain with generalized slice dithered enhanced resolution: Simultaneous multislice (gSlider-SMS). Magn. Reson. Med.79, 141–151 (2018).