sigpy.mri.rf.sim.abrm_ptx(b1, x, g, dt, fmap=None, sens=None)[source]

N-dim RF pulse simulation

Assumes that x has inverse spatial units of g, and g has gamma*dt applied.

Assumes dimensions rf = [Nc, Nt], x = […,Ndim], g = [Ndim,Nt], and sens = [Nc, dim, dim].

  • b1 (array) – rf waveform input samples in radians.
  • x (array) – spatial locations (m).
  • g (array) – gradient array (mT/m with gamma*dt applied).
  • dt (float) – hardware dwell time (s).
  • fmap (array) – off-resonance map (Hz).
  • sens (array or None) – B1+ sensitivity matrix. If None, creates matrix of 1’s. Input size [Nc dim dim]

4-element tuple containing

  • a (array): SLR alpha parameter.
  • b (array): SLR beta parameter.
  • m (array): transverse magnetization.
  • mz (array): longitudinal magnetization.


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Grissom, W., Xu, D., Kerr, A., Fessler, J. and Noll, D. (2009). ‘Fast large-tip-angle multidimensional and parallel RF pulse design in MRI’ IEEE Trans Med Imaging, Vol 28, No 10, 1548-59.