sigpy.mri.rf.multiband.dz_pins(tb, sl_sep, sl_thick, g_max, g_slew, dt, b1_max=0.18, ptype='ex', ftype='ls', d1=0.01, d2=0.01, gambar=4258)[source]

PINS multiband pulse design.

  • tb (float) – time-bandwidth product.
  • sl_sep (float) – slice separation in cm.
  • sl_thick (float) – slice thickness in cm.
  • g_max (float) – max gradient amplitude in gauss/cm
  • g_slew (float) – max gradient sliew in gauss/cm/s
  • dt (float) – RF + gradient dwell time in s.
  • b1_max (float) – Maximum RF amplitude
  • ptype (string) – pulse type, ‘st’ (small-tip excitation), ‘ex’ (pi/2 excitation pulse), ‘se’ (spin-echo pulse), ‘inv’ (inversion), or ‘sat’ (pi/2 saturation pulse).
  • ftype (string) – type of filter to use in pulse design
  • d1 (float) – passband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • d2 (float) – stopband ripple level in :math:’M_0^{-1}’.
  • gambar (float) – Appropriate gyromagnetic ratio in Hz/gauss.

  • rf (array): RF Pulse in Gauss
  • g (array): Gradient waveform in Gauss/cm

Return type:

2-element tuple containing


Norris, D.G. and Koopmans, P.J. and Boyacioglu, R and Barth, M (2011). ‘Power independent of number of slices (PINS) radiofrequency Pulses for low-power simultaneous multislice excitation’. Magn. Reson. Med., 66(5):1234-1240.