sigpy.mri.rf.linop.PtxSpatialExplicit(sens, coord, dt, img_shape, b0=None, ret_array=False)[source]

Explicit spatial-domain pulse design linear operator. Linear operator relates rf pulses to desired magnetization. Equivalent matrix has dimensions [Ns Nt].

  • sens (array) – sensitivity maps. [nc dim dim]
  • coord (None or array) – coordinates. [nt 2]
  • dt (float) – hardware sampling dt.
  • img_shape (None or tuple) – image shape.
  • b0 (array) – 2D array, B0 inhomogeneity map.
  • ret_array (bool) – if true, return explicit numpy array. Else return linop.

SigPy linop with A.repr_string ‘pTx spatial explicit’, or numpy array if selected with ‘ret_array’


Grissom, W., Yip, C., Zhang, Z., Stenger, V. A., Fessler, J. A. & Noll, D. C.(2006). Spatial Domain Method for the Design of RF Pulses in Multicoil Parallel Excitation. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 56, 620-629.