, rfbw, rfdurms, pulsename, minslice=0.5, maxslice=320.0, comment=None)[source]

Write a .pta text file for Siemens PulseTool.

  • pulse (array) – complex-valued RF pulse array with maximum of 4096 points.
  • rfbw (float) – bandwidth of RF pulse in Hz
  • rfdurms (float) – duration of RF pulse in ms
  • pulsename (string) – ‘<FamilyName>.<PulseName>’, e.g. ‘Sigpy.SincPulse’
  • minslice (float) – minimum slice thickness [mm]
  • maxslice (float) – maximum slice thickness [mm]
  • comment (string) – a comment that can be seen in Siemens PulseTool

Note this has only been tested on MAGNETOM Verio running (VB17)

Open pulsetool from the IDEA command line. Open the extrf.dat file and add this .pta file using the import function

Recommended to make a copy and renaming extrf.dat prior to making changes.

After saving a new pulse to <myUniqueFileName>_extrf.dat and copying it to the scanner, you will need to re-boot the host for it to load changes.