class, show_pbar=True, leave_pbar=True, record_time=True)[source]

Abstraction for iterative signal reconstruction applications.

An App is the final deliverable for each signal reconstruction application. The standard way to run an App object, say app, is as follows:


Each App must have a core Alg object. The run() function runs the Alg, with additional convenient features, such as a progress bar, which can be toggled with the show_pbar option.

When creating a new App class, the user should supply an Alg object. The user can also optionally define a _pre_update and a _post_update function to performs tasks before and after the Alg.update.

Similar to Alg, an App object is meant to be run once. Different from Alg, App is higher level can should use Linop and Prox whenever possible.

  • alg (Alg) – Alg object.
  • show_pbar (bool) – toggle whether show progress bar.
  • leave_pbar (bool) – toggle whether to leave progress bar after finished.
__init__(alg, show_pbar=True, leave_pbar=True, record_time=True)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(alg[, show_pbar, leave_pbar, …]) Initialize self.
run() Run the App.