sigpy.mri.linop.Sense(mps, coord=None, weights=None, tseg=None, ishape=None, coil_batch_size=None, comm=None, transp_nufft=False)[source]

Sense linear operator.

  • mps (array) – sensitivity maps of length = number of channels.
  • coord (None or array) – coordinates.
  • weights (None or array) – k-space weights. Useful for soft-gating or density compensation.
  • tseg (None or Dictionary) – parameters for time-segmented off-resonance correction. Parameters are ‘b0’ (array), ‘dt’ (float), ‘lseg’ (int), and ‘n_bins’ (int). Lseg is the number of time segments used, and n_bins is the number of histogram bins.
  • ishape (None or tuple) – image shape.
  • coil_batch_size (None or int) – batch size for processing multi-channel. When None, process all coils at the same time. Useful for saving memory.
  • comm (None or sigpy.Communicator) – communicator for distributed computing.